6 hole golf course

Located at the Durance Golf Academy, which is situated 5 minutes from the 18 hole Ballesteros Course, you will have the pleasure of discovering a golf course with six holes spread over 950 metres ( 5 par 3 and 1 par 4) ideal for the practice of establishes players and for the initiation of new golfers.

Original surroundings

This excellent 6 hole course cuts through a Provence pine wood bordering the ‘garrigue’ and close to the Canal of the Durance which gives it its name. The natural surroundings, with scents of thyme and pine, offer a course for both practice and real games.

The spirit of Golf

The layout and challenges of the golf course offers all players the possibility to improve their game, learning to respect the etiquette of golf and to be introduced to the rules.

A real ambition

Under the guise of purely training the Durance Golf Course will give you a real test of golf if you hope to score well. Maintained to the same standard as the Ballesteros Course it offers you greens of good quality which allows you to organise competitions before taking on the challenge of the Ballesteros.