Becoming a Member

The Golf International de Pont Royal company

Becoming a member of Golf internatonal de Pont Royal

Golf International is a simplified public limited company with a capital of 323 shares.

Its purpose is to manage the acquired and created assets, consisting mainly of golf courses, local amenities along with the “club houses” and develop any project that can contribute to these.

To become a member of the Pont Royal Golf, one must be a shareholder of the Société Golf International de Pont Royal. The management of the golf course has the list of shareholders willing to sell. It can be noted that a single party may have more than one share. The shares are openly traded between parties.

It is possible to become a “non-shareholder” member for the first years of membership. In this case an annual fee is charged in addition to the subscription.

For more information, contact the manager, Thibaut Sampoux: