La Durance

6 holes course

Integrated to the training center La Durance, located 5 minutes from the 18 holes Ballesteros, you will have the pleasure of discovering a 950 meters, 6 holes golf course (5 par 3 and 1 par 4), a great place to practice for regular players or to initiate beginners players…

An original setting

The original and technical layout of this course offers all players the opportunity to perfect their game, to learn and respect golf’s etiquette. Designed with golfing spirit, you will not be disappointed by this course that knows how to keep all its promises.

A golf spirit

These superb 6 holes pierces the Provencal pine forest, running along the Canal de la Durance which gave it its name. It is with the scent of thyme and pine that you can quickly enjoy a real game of golf or a training session between two appointments.

A real ambition

La Durance requires you to play good golf in order to score there. Maintained with the same passion as the Ballesteros course, it offers high quality green allowing competitions to be organized in order to prepare for the more demanding challenges on the Ballesteros course.

Hole #1

PAR 3 HCP 6 120 80

Hole #2

PAR 3 HCP 4 125 115

Hole #3

PAR 4 HCP 2 275 240

Hole #4

PAR 3 HCP 3 150 120

Hole #5

PAR 3 HCP 1 155 130

Hole #6

PAR 3 HCP 5 120 105