The history of Pont Royal

The origins

The creation of the Pont Royal International Golf Course began in 1991 on former hunting grounds, garrigue and pine forests.

It is the work of Severiano Ballesteros who thus signs his only course in France, inaugurated by him along with Marie-Laure de Lorenzi, in September 1992.

Pont Royal owes its name to the old royal road used by the “Bon Roi René” during his hunting in Provence and whose bridge arch is still visible on the access road. The emblem of both hinds resumes a sculpture found in the ancient chapel belonging to the Moulin.

The project was born thanks to the will of Messieurs Ventre, owner of the Moulin de Vernègues and Daniel Conte, Mayor of Mallemort, with the support of Claude Roger Cartier, President of the French Golf Federation.

Integrated into the 183 hectares Pont Royal Estate and realized on a calcareous ground, under the eye of the project manager David Krause who later became first director, the course is inspired by the American “technical routes” by combinning special grass mixtures for the sake of unique, stronger seeds, better adapted to playing and growing on a sand substrate. Thus at Pont Royal the formula of the greens and tee boxes is simple: 100% penncross. The fairways are composed of 25% ryegrass and 75% fescue.

Originally financed and operated by LONDON METROPOLITAN, Pont Royal later became the property of the Pierre & Vacances group, which in 1998 was sold to the American company SUNCHASE.

In 2000 the Golf club has 140 members and at the initiative of Messrs. H. FAHLBUSCH, J.-P. CARRE, M. O’SHEA, C. SINTES, D. LEUBA, F. MEYER, T. VOLLALOKKEN, more than 100 members became part owners on April 3, 2001, with the concern of preserving the golf course and its exceptional environment.

2001/2003: The new Club House

As of that date, the positive results of the new joint-stock companies, SAS GOLF INTERNATIONAL of ROYAL PONT ROYAL and SAS GOLF of PONT ROYAL in PROVENCE, operator, allowed its directors, chaired by H. FAHLBUSCH and J.-P. CARRE, to inaugurate in May 2002, in the presence of 200 shareholders, a 1,200 square meter club house hosting a gourmet restaurant while improving continuously the course intended to be the jewel of PROVENCE.

2009/2010 : The 6-holes course and training center of La Durance

In 2009, faced with the success of the Golf, the design of a second 6 hole course with the help of renowned French architect, Michel Gayon. Opened in 2010, the Golf de la Durance hosts two academies ” FlowMotion” and “Leadbetter” and is a unique feature in the region to learn and improve.

The international vocation

Between Alpilles and Luberon, the Pont Royal International Golf is the sports and tourist destination of the region. It allows the game of golf to be enjoyed in all seasons in great condition thanks to modern equipment and professional maintenance.

Throughout the years, the administrators of various nationalities have worked to position PONT ROYAL as one of the great European courses.

This orientation is reflected by the various nationalities of the 350 shareholders of the club with a significant representation of European countries.

This desire for openness and excellence was also expressed through hosting the European Challenge Tour “Challenge AGF” in 1994, the Alps Tour “MASTERS 13” from 2003 to 2014 and the “Hopps Open de Provence” tournament, a European Challenge Tour from 2018 to 2023.