Play at Golf International de Pont Royal

Dress Code

Correct attire is required.

The following are not allowed :
• Jeans, faded or worn trousers
• T -shirts

On the Course

• Buggies are forbidden within 10 metres of the green
• Remember to put your divots back
• Remember to repair your pitches
• Remember to rake the bunkers

Game Time

For efficient running of the course, the pace of play for 18 holes is as follows :
• 3 hours 45 minutes for 2 balls
• 4 hours for 3 balls
• 4 hours and 30 minutes for 4 balls

Permanent Local Rules

Removable Obstructions (R.24-1)

• Stones in the bunkers

Irremovable Obstructions (R.24-2)

• Pathways covered with an artificial surface (the sections not covered are part of the terrain, unless marked with white paint.)
• Staked trees
• On the fourth hole, the concrete nozzle on the left of the fairway at drive-out height is an integral part of the terrain.

Grounds in Abnormal Conditions (R.25-1)

• Collapsed drains

Water Obstacles (R.26)

• The water obstacles located on the right of  holes n°1 and n°2, on the left of hole n°3, on the right of holes n°4 and n°5 are lateral water obstacles, whose outer limit extends endlessly (on holes n°1 and n°4, the road is in the water hazard and so is not an irremovable obstruction).
• Each of the dropping zones on holes n°11 and n°12 is an additional release option for any balls in the water hazard.

Off Limits (R.27-1)

Off limits areas are as follows :

• The tarmac roads to the right of holes n°6, n°10, n°13 and behind the green where  holes n°1, n°9, n°13 and n°14 are situated.
• The resident properties and the « pitch & putt » to the left of hole n°14, the boundary of the land being marked by a fence or white stakes.

Distance Measuring Devices (R.14-3)

• Laser rangefinders or any other device designed solely for the measurement of distance are permitted in competition.

Penalty for breach of a local rule

• Match Play : Loss of hole
• Stroke Play : 2 shots