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Within the Pitch&Putt training area, the Leadbetter Academy offers the One Putt Little Game concept to beginners and experienced players.

The teaching approach is based on a tried and tested method and focuses on 4 axes :

  • Wedging less than 100 m : learn to hit , control and evaluate distances in your game.
  • Chipping less than 30 m : learn to hit,  evaluate distances  and change the trajectory of the ball whatever your position on the course.
  • The bunker : learn to hit and control the trajectory of the ball depending on the situation.
  • Putting : learn to master distances, analyse and apprehend the various situations encountered on the green.

At the end of this 4 hour session you will have learned to improve your Little Game.

Around the Green you will :

  • Manage your dosage  thanks to better contact,
  • Master your point of fall in relation to your club
  • Acquire confidence in your approaches with an optimal routine,

And on the Green you will :

  • Achieve 95% success for putts <1 m 20
  • Avoid 3 putts with optimal dosage

Then you will leave with your results and your personalized « drills »

Your Pro

Bastien Pommier

Manager of One Putt Little Game

Pont Royal International Golf Club
Domaine & Golf de Pont Royal
13370 Mallemort – France

18 holes course
04 90 57 40 79

La Durance
6 holes course
Training Center
04 90 45 58 57

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